Currently throughout the world there are several major hotspots. To aid us in our operations we collect and collate a vast range of intelligence. We have international assets who can advise on any future deployment.

Operating and training are Milne’s core strengths, we can advise clients and also manage detailed tasks in-country or internationally. In conjunction with an ever increasing and effective logistical chain, Milne’s operational reach is growing wider and stronger.
Milne understands the cost implications security has on any potential client. Therefore we offer an open book policy to form a mutually beneficial business relationship. Strict professional conduct on task and management of budgets ensure operatives and staff understand operations are judged by both successful results and financial astuteness.
Extensive due diligence prior to all deployments is a major factor in Milne’s operational success. Understanding complex geo-political situations prepares staff and operatives.
Proactivity in liaising with Milne’s international support network is of the utmost importance. Having dedicated links to assist us in performing our remit to the highest of standards is one of our strongest assets allowing Milne to manage all aspects of a deployment.
We liaise with the UK P&I club including a primary agent to advise on liabilities. The Company ensures all staff and operatives are insured when operational.


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